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Self Reflection and Realisation for Spiritual Development

Things you may experience with the blogs and discussions on site

Personal growth

  • Identification of Strengths
  • Identification of Passion
  • Identification of Learning needs
  • Working from the Heart
  • Awareness of Social conditioning
  • Trust verification
  • Remembering the Joy
  • Imagination vs Spiritual Reality
  • Living your Truth
  • Vibrational Awareness
  • Living in your chosen Frequency
  • Spiritual Observation
  • Global integration
  • Emotional empowerment
  • Human Soul integration
  • Identifying Source Family
  • Physical representations of Spiritual readiness

Universal Growth

  • Awareness
  • Utilisation of all your senses – Sight, Hearing, Touch, Emotion, Taste, Intuition
  • Taking conscious notice
  • Empathic Frequency
  • Collaboration of knowledge for your highest good
  • Vibrational Frequencies
  • How to Recognise Resonation / Discordant energies
  • Working with Energies – various types
  • Universal Energetic Dance
  • Past, Present , Future Definition of Linear time
  • Dimensional Understanding
  • Bringing Linear into your Interdimensional Space
  • Becoming Heart Based
  • Understanding Head Space
  • Love is More Than an Emotion
  • Collaboration of Heart and Head
  • Power of Thought
  • Thought Creation
  • Divinity and Thought
  • Bringing the Divine via your Thoughts
  • Art of Manifestation
  • Dancing through the Patterns of your Life
  • Definition of Human Soul Potential
  • Recognition of Human Soul Potential
  • Allowance and Buy In
  • Understanding Momentum

Practical Growth

  • Walking the Halls of Akasha
  • Awareness of Source Messages
  • Bringing through the Soul Team
  • Identifying your Source Communication
  • Self Meditation
  • Group Meditation
  • Group Connection Grid
  • Group Crystal communication
  • Mirror Revelations



Reaching your highest potential through knowledge

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